Frequently Asked Questions | AB plus Probiotics

Is AB plus a natural product?

Yes. All the ingredients are 100% natural and packed into a gelatin capsule.

I am diabetic. Can I still take AB plus?

Yes. We have found most diabetics can take AB plus, and in most cases, they are of great benefit.

Can I take AB plus while on other medication?

Yes. We have not yet found any medication that AB plus cannot be taken with.

However, if in doubt, please consult your doctor.

Does AB plus have to be stored in the fridge?

Yes. We recommend that you store your AB plus in the fridge.

AB plus will withstand short periods of 3-4 days at a time unrefrigerated if stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Once I start taking AB plus, how long do I need to take it for?

There is no set period of time. You yourself will be the best judge of that.

However, as we get older and with the varying lifestyles and medications, we have found that continuing AB plus at one capsule per day will provide more continual benefits than not taking them. At just over 1 dollar per day, they are very cost effective.

How long should it be before I start to notice the benefits?

There is no set period of time. You yourself will be the best judge of that.

Some people, within hours. Other, it could take months.

We must remember that we are different, and live different lifestyles, so they will benefit us all in different ways.

Some people don’t realise the benefits until they stop taking AB plus. This is because they are not a “quick fix”.

They work slowly in the background, and some people forget about their complaint before they realise they are better.

When is the best time of the day to take AB plus?

For the majority of people, it is in the morning.

However, we have some clients who prefer to take them at bedtime.

If you are taking AB plus at bedtime, please note we have had the odd occasion where sleep has been interrupted.

How many AB plus should I take a day?

Again, you are the best judge of that.

However, for dollars spent versus benefit, we have found one AB plus capsule per day is the most cost effective.

What happens if I get too many “good bugs”?

You can never get too many “good bugs”.

When the “good bugs” reach their maximum supply, the surplus simply pass in a bowel motion.

Also, remember the “good bugs” are constantly being depleted for many reasons.

If I am allergic to gluten or dairy products, can I still take AB plus?

Yes. They are 100% gluten free and 99.9% dairy free.

Can I give AB plus to children?


In fact, if your child has problems swallowing the capsule, you can pull it apart and sprinkle the powder over cold food.

For small children, half a capsule a day is enough.

Do not give it to babies.