About | AB plus Probiotics

Rebuild your digestive system to operate at peak performance, and enjoy all the benefits now with AB plus.

Probiotics are the "good bugs" which are, or at least, should be found in our gut and digestive system.

Prebiotics nourish the "good bugs" and promote their growth and survival. It's really a bit like sending the probiotics off with a "packed lunch".

There are many conditions that your body may give you when some of your "good bugs" have been destroyed. Although the symptoms may only last for a few days, once destroyed, it can can take as long as six months for your body to replace them naturally.

AB plus is the only product that contains all four strains of necessary 'good bugs' for a healthy digestive system and help the following conditions.

  • IBS & Diverticulitis - minimise symptoms and help re-establish a normal and comfortable bowel function, while helping to promote a healthy bacterial flow.
  • Thrush/Candida Defense - soothe symptoms quickly and help defend against further infections. Maintain a healthy bacterial balance within.
  • During & After Antibiotics - rebuild the "good bacteria" (flora), which can be destroyed while taking antibiotics and other medications. Maintain a healthy bacterial balance within.
  • Constipation & Diarrhea Balance - help regain control of your bowel by re-establishing a healthy bacterial balance in your digestive system. May help to guard against infection, wind and bloating.
  • Ultimate Immune Support - maximise "friendly bacteria" and help to form a battier by helping to activate the immune cells and fight off illness and disease. Over 88% off your immunity comes directly from your digestive system.
  • Inner Energy Builder - maximise absorption of minerals and vitamins from the foods we eat, thereby enhancing your energy levels.
  • Stress - relieve stress and anxiety by re-establish the "good bacteria" in your digestive system.
  • Reflux - soothe the symptoms of reflux by balancing the bacteria in your digestive system.

Rebuild you digestive system to operate at peak performance, and enjoy all the benefits now with AB plus.